_Jam Session
Wow, this was way too hard to upload...technology is stupid sometimes! Anywho, I think I joined a band yesterday. Haha no but really, a coworker and his friend came over and we goofed around. It was fun and awesome! The violinist hasn't played in years and I am well, not a musician, but chiming in on harmonica and colin is grounding us in guitar and vocals. This is super ridiculously rough, but it was also the first song we did and first time we played together. All Sean and I knew was what key it was in and this is what came out...

Its a cover of an artist and song that I don't know the name of. Again, NOT an original, just a cover. You will probably recognize the tune.

_Love Police
Sorry, for all the videos, but this one is just plain awesome!

_A Day of Glass
This video was posted on facebook the other day by an old classmate. To be honest, it kind of freaks me out! It is so crazy the direction that technology is going its really awesome, but overwhelmingly ridiculous and insane at the same time. Check it out...

Could you imagine?? Soon we really will be able to transport ourselves Star Trek style!
_5am Night
Another 5 am night.

I love doing art at night. Knowing that no one is around. Less distractions. There is also this all consuming eerie quietness, creating a timeless vortex that stops life and all its craziness for one long moment. Where you can just, do your thing.

These are just studies and have a long LONG way to go, but I am slowly understanding the world of ballet. The ballet teacher at my work is interested in a painting and I thought it would be a good opportunity put together a series for portfolio pieces. I must admit, figure studies are my favorite. I like detailed realism. The Jackson Pollock, modern art that has taken the forefront in todays world is definitely fun to do, but there is something about the tight strokes isolating form in a hyper realism state that just feels oh so good. Maybe its the structure. I dunno. Stay tuned as this project develops.
_Chex Mix
Another awesome Saturday morning at the firehouse! Usually I try to be productive during this time i.e. work on p:ear stuff, work on my own website, work on my forever daunting bio etc. etc. Yeeeeeeeeeeeea. Today I took a picture, ate chex mix, and played on my phone. Productive? Nope. But sometimes you have to have an unproductive day to assure the productive ones.

The thing about flowers. They follow the sun. That's rad and crazy at the same time. I wonder if they want to follow the sun or if its purely a need based relationship. I mean clearly they need it (thank you 4th grade), but do they want to follow the preset paths laid out before them?

I decided the other night when walking home that the moon is underrated. The sun gets all the attention with its warmth and light and all that jazz. The moon, keeps consistancy. Controlling the tides, the gravitational pull in relation to the earth slows down the rotation of the world dictating the lengths of days, and not to mention its subtle glows that can guide us in the darkest of nights. Yeah, I think the moon needs a shout out more often.
Eat Snow!

Only in Portland would there be a snow day without snow. I haven't had a snow day since I was in college and I mean it was a real snow day. 3 feet deep at least, cars buried from days and days of the snow plow. Thick compacted layer on all of the streets and side walks causing a winter slip n' slide to and from classes. Portland's kind of weak. BUT I get to err on the side of AWESOME, since my job follows Portland Public School Systems decisions, no need for the grunt workers!

Some computer play at the coffee shop across the street, painting & drawing for sure! Hmm... The possibilities! I'm so excited! Its not often we get a straight up freebee day. Portland really is where young people go to retire!

Most of you have probably seen this, but its just so great!
I love making finds like this around Portland. I have found knit covered bike parking & phone poles, funky lawn dressers used as free boxes, paint decorated intersections, more bike parts have been used as fences as fence parts, and not to mention all of those tied up plastic horses to the side walk from The Horse Project.

It's weird and it's awesome. Quirks are rad. Its part of what keeps life interesting.
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